Join our network

The Canadian Accessibility Network’s (CAN) vision is to empower persons with disabilities, improve socio-economic and health outcomes, and change mindsets and behaviours to create a more accessible and inclusive Canada.


To bring this vision to life, we must come together with individuals and organizations working in different industries and sectors from coast to coast across Canada, as well as collaborate with and better understand what’s happening across our international borders.


We welcome the opportunity to link arms with organizations representing the public sector, private sector, not-for-profit organizations, community service agencies and advocacy groups that are intentionally working towards creating, building and supporting a fully accessible Canada.


We also welcome the opportunity to collaborate with the many experts in accessibility that are not directly affiliated with any of these types of organizations who bring their brilliance, reputation, and expertise in many areas in the field of accessibility.


If you’re interested in learning more about the Network and want to play a part in moving towards our vision of an inclusive and accessible Canada, here are some ways that we encourage you to consider getting involved:

Become a CAN Collaborator Organization


Complete our Expression of Interest to Become a CAN Collaborator form which will be directly submitted to our National Office.


We will invite you to a meeting with our National Office team to learn more about your organization, the work you are doing in accessibility and/or your interest in building capacity within your organization as it relates to accessibility.


If there is agreement that there is a good fit for the collaboration, the National Office will make a recommendation to the Governing Council to accept your organizations Expression of Interest.


Once your organization has been approved to become a CAN Collaborator, you will receive a formal notification and invitations will be sent to your Appointed Representative to join the upcoming meetings of the Advisory Council. In addition, we will encourage you to invite other members of your organization to consider getting involved in our Communities of Practice. This is an optional opportunity for your organization but it is highly encouraged for those with interest and/or expertise in any of our areas of focus.

Join a Community of Practice

If you’re a professional working in the field of accessibility but you are not formally affiliated with an organization, or you are an independent contractor and wish to be involved with CAN, we invite you to consider becoming a member of any one of our Communities of Practice.

If you have questions about becoming a member of any one of the Communities of Practice, please contact us.


Complete the CAN Community of Practice (CoP) Sign Up Form to express your interest in joining a Community of Practice.


We will invite you to a meeting with our National Office team to learn more about your interest in the CoP and your work in accessibility.


If there is a good fit, the National Office will invite you to join the agreed upon Community of Practice(s).

Further questions about CAN and whether or not you and/or your organisation might be a good fit?  Contact our National Office at [email protected] to coordinate a time to discuss.