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Accessible Transportation in Canada

Accessible transportation is not merely a matter of convenience. The ability to move freely and independently is a fundamental pillar of an inclusive and barrier-free society and one that is needed to access education, employment, healthcare, and social opportunities. This CAN Connect Forum provides attendees with an overview of the ongoing initiatives and research aimed at improving inclusive and equitable transportation options for all Canadians.

Janice Festa (Transport Canada) provides an overview of recent developments in accessibility-related transportation regulations and policy, highlighting regulations setting out new planning, measuring, and reporting requirements for transportation service providers. She also speaks to enhancing transparency and accountability in the transportation system to achieve a barrier-free Canada.

Tara Connolly (Accessibility Institute) will provide an overview of a research project on the state of accessible vehicles in taxi services, conducted by the Accessibility Institute in partnership with Transport Canada. The conversation highlighted the main themes that have emerged from the research and discussed systemic challenges related to finding accessible transportation and seamless transportation connectivity.

Watch the recording below: