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CAN Connect Forum: Entrepreneurship in Canada – Perspectives from People with Disabilities

To mark Global Entrepreneurship Week and celebrate the success of entrepreneurs with disabilities across Canada, the Canadian Accessibility Network (CAN), in collaboration with the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program (EDP) Leaders in Canada, hosts a panel discussion that provides insights into self-employment as an accessible path for persons with disabilities.

There are many reasons why individuals with disabilities choose self-employment, including an opportunity to have the flexibility to create their own work hours, follow their passion, provide a service or product that benefits the public, and take control of their own destiny. The discussion with speakers from four Canadian provinces—Irene Cordero, Ivy Chatelain, Michelle AuCoin, Stephanie Hovey, Susan Bater and Zoey Schvan focus on their lived experience as Canadian entrepreneurs. They also share information about available programs offering support to entrepreneurs with disabilities and systemic barriers that prevent more people with disabilities from pursuing self-employment.

Watch the recording below: