Community of Practice

The purpose of the Employment Community of Practice (CoP) is to bring together individuals and organizations from across Canada to address the persistent and significant gap in employment rates between Canadians with and without disabilities.


There are many employment initiatives and organizations at the provincial and federal level that can benefit from collaboration and create more coordinated services through CAN. The Employment CoP recognizes that employment equity for persons with disabilities is not a one-sided effort.


They strive to bring together organizations that are focus on supporting the employment objectives of persons with disabilities and employers looking to create more equitable employee recruiting, onboarding, and support practices. The Employment CoP believes that employment equity for persons with disabilities benefits all Canadians.

The Role of Community of Practice Members, Meetings and Time Commitment

Anyone that is a member of CAN Collaborator Organization, or an approved CAN Collaborator Individual, can join this CoP if they have an interest in learning more about, and/or meeting with other experts in the field.  Members are involved in enacting the business of the Network, as it relates to the priorities of the working group (as noted above).

CoP meetings happen bi-monthly (approximately 6 times per year) for up to 1.5 hours at each meeting – see current meeting schedule.


Download Meeting Schedule DOCX


Download Meeting Schedule PDF

In addition to these meetings, members who volunteer to get involved in an approved project can anticipate that there will be an additional two to three hours a month (approx.) commitment that is outside of required meeting times that is dedicated to contributing towards the work the project they are supporting, depending on their agreed upon role with the project. This time is dependant on the agreed upon work plan for the operating year and may fluctuate.


Please see Terms of Reference for the Employment Community of Practice for more information on the governance of this Committee.


Download Terms of Reference DOCX


Download Terms of Reference PDF

Community of Practice Leadership

The Employment CoP operates under the direction of two co-Leads. They provide leadership to the Employment CoP by: 


  • Planning, facilitating and supporting the CoP meetings 
  • Collating ideas and proposing strategic priorities to be considered by the Governing Council as they relate to accessibility in education and training
  • Ensuring the successful completion of approved projects for the CoP
  • Providing updates of CoP activities to the Governing Council at designated times of the operating year
Meet the Co-Leads for the Employment Community of Practice
Bianca Go

Employment Co-Lead

Bianca Go

Bianca is a certified Project Manager Practitioner (PMP) with previous experience in the insurance and fintech industries. She’s recently pivoted her learning and focus towards inclusion, diversity and accessibility with a particular passion for the inclusion and employment for the neurodiverse community. In addition to being Co-Lead on the Employment Community of Practice, Bianca is also an active member of the Business Advisory Council for Project SEARCH Toronto, a school-to-work transition program from youth who have developmental or intellectual disabilities 

Richard Plummer

Employment Co-Lead

Richard Plummer

Richard brings to CAN a comprehensive array of experiences and leadership skills in community development, social cause and health program delivery, human resources management and partnership building. He has worked as a senior leader and consultant with key non-profit and human services agencies. Specifically, Richard has experience implementing several national, provincial, and local diversity and inclusion initiatives with the YMCA/YWCA, McConnell Family Foundation, United Way, and the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association to address Employment & Community Engagement. He is committed to “building healthy people, vibrant and inclusive communities.”

Current Priorities for the Employment Community of Practice

The CoP is currently working on the following initiative:


Review of Accessibility Standards Canada Employment Standard


If you would like to get involved with this initiative, or have a suggestion for a project, we invite you to connect with us at [email protected] and we will introduce you to the Project Leads.

Now Recruiting Volunteers!

The Employment Community of Practice is always open to recruiting new members who are passionate about advancing accessibility and who feel that their background and expertise could support the work of the Employment CoP.


If you are interested, please contact [email protected] and we will coordinate a time to speak with you about becoming a member of the CoP.