Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles

01 Mission

The mission of the Canadian Accessibility Network is to:

02 Vision

The vision of the Canadian Accessibiltiy Network (CAN) is to be Canada’s cross-sectoral, national platform to empower persons with disabilities; improving socio-economic and health outcomes; and changing mindsets and behaviours for a more accessible and inclusive Canada.

  • Advance accessibility for persons with disabilities through research, design, technology and innovation; education and training; policy; employment; and community engagement;
  • Mobilize strategic partnerships among individuals and institutions dedicated to advancing accessibility to encourage innovative and action-oriented leadership;
  • Leverage Canada’s accessibility assets across sectors and disciplines to encourage system-level changes and cultural shifts in equity, mindsets and behaviours regarding persons with disabilities.

Our Guiding



The Network will facilitate equitable and timely access for individuals and organizations to the knowledge, programs, services and community engagement efforts of the Network.


The Network will embody “nothing about us, without us” by promoting inclusiveness and equity in determining its strategic directions, in its day-to-day operations, and in the engagement of partners and stakeholders.


The Network will collaborate effectively with disability communities and partners in the public, non-profit and private sectorsto maximize the relevance, application and impact of its knowledge and offerings.


The Network will enable research, education, training, policy development and knowledge mobilization regarding accessibility of the highest international standard and best practices.


The Network will initiate and catalyze new approaches to understanding accessibility and new means to address Canadians’accessibility challenges and opportunities.


The Network will pursue its mission in a manner that promotes the sustainability of its partners and enables it to attract theresources required to grow the capacity and contributions of the Network.


The Network will govern and manage its operations with integrity to ensure strong stewardship of the resources entrustedto it, be accountable to its partners, and maintain the trust and confidence of the people whom it seeks to serve and engage.

Annual Reports & Strategic Priorities

The Canadian Accessibility Network (CAN) works diligently each year to create significant change in the areas of accessibility and inclusion. As we reflect on each year’s progress, we are reminded of the collective efforts that drive positive change for individuals of all abilities across Canada. You can learn more about the annual projects, activities, and initiatives of the Network to advance accessibility in Canada through our Annual Reports, Retrospective Reports, and Strategic Priorities posted on our Governance page.


CAN Retrospective Report 2019-2023


2023 CAN Annual Report


2023-24 CAN Strategic Priorities